Anime Review #7 – Death Parade

Welcome to the 7th anime review! Today I’m having a look at a psychological drama named Death Parade. Held captive in a mysterious bar and forced to play a game in which their lives are at stake, two strangers find themselves trapped in a situation far beyond their understanding…Review Time!

Death Parade

“It’s not just grief, there are as many emotions as there are people; the fragility of someone who lets their anger get the best of them…the strength to overcome fear because of love…you can’t comprehend anything about them.”


Welcome to Quindecim, a mysterious bar residing in an unknown location. Two apparent strangers enter the room from a set of lifts and are greeted by the bartender Decim, he asks if they remember how they arrived in this place but the memory doesn’t seem to exist. Decim then explains the rules of the situation:
1. First of all, he cannot answer the question of where they are.
2. He will have them play a game.

3. He will have them choose the type of game by roulette.
4. He will have them stake their life on the game.

Decim acts as an arbiter and judges the participants of the game, delivering the final verdicts, and despite having this job for many years both his principals and his thoughts on what it means to be human are shaken with the arrival of an assistant in the form of a peculiar, amnesiac girl with jet black hair.

With nearly every episode spent on another set of strangers, we soon learn more about Quindecim and its bizarre set of rules, while also taking a close look at the nature of humanity and its morals. The girl with the jet black hair also learns more about herself, working to recover her memories while aiding Decim in his goal of guiding the unfortunate souls who have been caught up in the Death Parade.

Death Parade Characters

Diving into topics such as death, reincarnation and the human condition, Death Parade has a lot of maturity running through its script although thankfully the story always manages to stay exciting and engaging, leaving you wanting more at the end of every episode (whether it’s wanting a conclusion to the events seen in the episode or wanting to know more about the world in which the anime is set).

One thing I always need to mention when I talk about Death Parade is the Opening song “Flyers” by BRADIO. Not only is the song bloody fantastic in its short or full version but the video is so light hearted and fun compared to the themes of the series that I can’t help but smile whenever I see it. (see video below for awesomeness)

Pros/Cons! Pros: interesting characters; lovely animation; original story. Cons: some plot holes; not enough episodes! (with the way the series developed, I think there is more than enough potential for a 2nd season although no plans have been announced).

As for the negatives of this series, there are quite a few plot points which were brought up but never finished and I think some characters would have benefitted from a more explored backstory (although it’s never easy to fill in every gap in a 12-episode series).

All in all, if you’re looking to watch an anime with drama, mystery and a gripping storyline, Death Parade definitely fits the bill and shouldn’t leave you disappointed.

Death Parade Logo

Episodes: 12 + 1 special (a prequel film named Death Billiards from which the series originated)

Genre: Psychological/Drama/Game/Mystery

Age Rating: Older Teen (17+ )

Personal Rating: 9/10

So what do you think? All feedback is appreciated whether it’s on the topic of this post or on the blog as a whole.

Until Next Time! B-M-A.

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