Anime Top Ten: Anime Super Powers

It's time for the 6th Top Ten Anime List! Today I'll be looking at my favourite Super Powers found in Anime (not necessarily the strongest, but ones that I think would be the most interesting/fun to possess). Also, this article contains slight spoilers to various anime series. Anyway, without further ado...Top Ten Time! Anime Top... Continue Reading →

Anime Top Ten: Spring 2015 Anime

It's the 5th of my Top Ten Anime Lists! With the Spring season of anime now drawing to a close and the new releases of the Summer collection coming in only 10 days, I thought I'd take some time to write about my favourites from this year's fantastic 2015 Spring anime collection. Anyway, without further ado...Top... Continue Reading →

Anime Top Ten: Anime with the Best Soundtracks

It's the 4th of my Top Ten Anime Lists! This time around I'm back to series instead of films and the focus of today's list is Anime with the Best Soundtrack (including Opening Songs [Op], Endings [Ed] and everything in between). Anyway, without further ado...Top Ten Time! Anime Top Ten - Anime with the Best Soundtracks... Continue Reading →

Anime Top Ten: Anime Films

Say hello to the 3rd of my new Top Ten Anime Lists! Today, Instead of the usual series', I'll be compiling a list of my all-time favourite Anime Films. Anyway, without further ado...Top Ten Time! Anime Top Ten - Anime Films "TETSUOOOOOOOOO!" "KANEDAAAAAAAAAA!" - Kaneda/Tetsuo, Akira 10. Akira After a devastating explosion that destroys Tokyo, World War... Continue Reading →

Anime Top Ten: Game-Related Anime

It's time for the 2nd of my new Top Ten Anime Lists! This time round I'll be looking at the wonderful world of Game-Related Anime (i.e. if the anime contains or if the source material was a game). Anyway, without further ado...Top Ten Time! Anime Top Ten - Game-Related Anime "I thought being in a computer... Continue Reading →

Anime Top Ten: Comedy Anime

Say hello to the 1st of my new Top Ten Anime Lists! All of my reviews are essentially recommendations for series' to (or not to) watch, and unfortunately I can't always find the time to write/post about every one of my favourite anime series'. My remedy for this is to write Anime Top Ten Lists which... Continue Reading →

Anime Review #8 – Future Diary

It's the 8th Anime review! The subject of today's review is Future Diary; an action packed supernatural thriller from the animation studio that brought you Baccano!, Danganronpa and Akira. After learning that his phone can see up to 90 days into the future, junior high student Yukiteru Amano is drafted by the God of Space/Time and quickly pulled... Continue Reading →

Manga Review #5 – Uzumaki: Spiral into Horror

Say hi to the 5th Manga Review! From the insane but brilliant mind of Junji Ito comes his psychological horror masterpiece, Uzumaki. Making use of classic Japanese symbolism as well as slight Lovecraftian themes, this short but great series about a town infected by Spirals will have you gripped from start to finish...Review Time! Uzumaki:... Continue Reading →

Anime/Manga Rant #1 – Tropes/Clichés

It's the 1st Anime/Manga Rant! As 95% of the review posts I've made so far have been positive recommendations, I thought I'd find a balance by listing some of the things I really hate/find irksome about the world of anime/manga...Rant Time! Generic Anime/Manga "My best try wasn't good enough and the villain defeated me with... Continue Reading →

Anime Review #7 – Death Parade

Welcome to the 7th anime review! Today I'm having a look at a psychological drama named Death Parade. Held captive in a mysterious bar and forced to play a game in which their lives are at stake, two strangers find themselves trapped in a situation far beyond their understanding...Review Time! Death Parade "It's not just grief, there are... Continue Reading →

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